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An IPL photofacial is a non-invasive, non-ablative treatment that uses high-intensity pulses of visible light to improve a variety of skin conditions, including fine lines and wrinkles, freckles, age spots, rosacea, port-wine stains, and facial veins.
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Hair Removal

Hair Removal

IPL treatments emit multiple wavelengths that scatter within the skin. These wavelengths are absorbed by the hair and quickly turn to heat, destroying the hair cell.
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Acne Treatment

Acne Treatment

Plagued by acne scarring? IPL treatments use a combination of blue and red light to treat both the visible symptoms of acne and the underlying cause.
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Featuring Venus Versa Technology

We perform this light-based treatment in our office using Venus Versa™ technology. This device offers an innovative combination of clinical technologies, including radio frequency (RF) and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), to provide comprehensive facial aesthetic therapy that can reduce visible signs of premature aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage, brown spots, visible veins, and discoloration. Treatments are generally painless, require little to no downtime and are safe for all skin tones. Venus Versa™ incorporates advanced technological features that ensure superior patient safety and comfort and excellent results.

What is a photofacial?

A photofacial is a light-based treatment that reduces visible signs of premature aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage, brown spots, visible veins, and discoloration.

How does a photofacial work?

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) with SmartPulseTM technology delivers precise light deep into the skin, which generates heat when absorbed by the targeted tissue. This treatment corrects imperfections in the skin, without damaging surrounding tissue. At the same time, a real-time cooling system works to keep your skin protected.


Intense Pulsed Light with SmartPulseTM technology penetrates through to the skin’s deeper layers to repair and rejuvenate from the inside out.


The real-time cooling system ensures your skin is continuously protected from the heat for unparalleled safety and comfort.

Can IPL treatments help with my acne?

Absolutely! Venus Versa uses Intense Pulsed Light with SmartPulse technology to treat both the underlying cause and the visible symptoms of acne.

It uses a combination of blue and red light delivered simultaneously. The blue light destroys acne-causing bacteria, while the red light reduces existing acne-related inflammation to promote faster healing.

How does IPL for acne scarring work?

Intense Pulsed Light penetrates through the skin to destroy acne-causing bacteria and reduce  inflammation.

Can IPL laser treatments help with hair removal?

Yes, this advanced light-based treatment can be used to reduce unwanted hair on the face and body.

How do IPL laser treatments for hair removal work?

IPL exposes unwanted hair to pulses of laser light that destroy the hair follicle. Simultaneously, intense pulsed light penetrates through the skin to destroy acne-causing bacteria and reduce inflammation.

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With proper application, our innovative treatment system can greatly reduce visible signs of acne scarring, fine lines, wrinkles, unwanted facial hair, and more. 

Schedule an appointment today to see how we can help you look and feel your best! Augusta Facial Aesthetics is centrally located in Augusta GA, to serve clients from across the CSRA, including Evans, Martinez, Grovetown and Appling GA, as well as North Augusta and Aiken SC.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each procedure is different. Often, a photofacial treatment feels like a light snapping against your skin. The anti-aging treatment will be warm, and most patients consider it very comfortable. However, the skin resurfacing treatment comes after the skin has already been heavily stimulated, and is thus more sensitive, meaning this treatment may be less comfortable than the other two; you may feel a pricking sense of heat as the applicator moves around on your skin.

The best candidate for IPL laser treatment is someone with signs of skin aging and damage, such as lines, wrinkles, uneven complexion, or uneven texture. Venus Versa™ TriBella™ treatments work to improve the look of skin tone, elasticity, and texture.

Please schedule a free consultation and together we will help you to decide what is the right course of action for your concerns. You may not be able to get this treatment if you have excessively tanned skin, a history of skin disorders, implants in the treatment area or an active condition that can be stimulated by light or heat.

Three TriBella™ treatments are recommended for optimal results. You will see some results after the treatment series is complete, but full, best results are visible approximately three months after the last session.

Treatments are completed 4-5 weeks apart.

A typical treatment can last anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes. Because there is little or no downtime, you can have an IPL photofacial during your lunch break.

The longevity of IPL laser treatment results depends on the lifestyle and skin of the individual. However, results of the procedure are typically long-lasting if patients are diligent about aftercare. Many people see results for a few years following treatment, but individual results vary.

IPL therapy is gentle and safe and may be performed on various areas of the body. Patients most often request treatment on the face, neck, chest and hands.

What About TriBella?

TriBella™ combines the power of these three unique non-surgical procedures into one skin renewal treatment that results in incredibly smoother, younger, healthier-looking skin. This high-intensity non-invasive solution gives highly visible results faster and in fewer treatments.  TriBella™ combines photofacial, lifting & sculpting, and skin resurfacing treatments in one session – making it the most comprehensive and effective answer for complete skin renewal.

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