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Multi-Polar RF Treatments

Multi-polar RF uses radio frequency energy that causes the water molecules in impacted tissues to twist and vibrate. This motion causes friction, which creates heat at very specific areas deep in the skin.

This heat subsequently generates a focused wound healing response which begins after the first session and continues to repair itself for the next four months. The heat and red light realigns and regenerates collagen in the skin to replace aging, sagging skin with fresher, younger looking skin.

Multi-polar RF generally tightens, smooths, and re-contours the skin from the inside out, which also rejuvenates the skin’s firmness and texture. 

How Multi-Polar RF Treatment Works

Frequently Asked Questions

VENUS FREEZE/ LEGACY™ is a device used to treat wrinkles, tighten skin, and reduce cellulite and circumferential fat. Using (MP)2 technology, this device delivers Multi-Polar Radio Frequency and Pulsed Magnetic Fields to the skin to produce a dense and uniform heat matrix. This causes collagen production and contraction, fibroblast proliferation, neo-vascularity, and lipolysis, and results in a smoother, firmer, more toned you!

The multi-polar radio frequency causes a thermal response in the tissue, which activates the body’s natural healing response. As a result, new collagen and elastin fibers are formed, and the production of fibroblasts increases. The existing collagen in the skin contracts causing your skin to look and feel firmer; and the elastin fibres unravel, making your skin more elastic.

When the temperature of the skin is elevated, the body releases stress hormones. These hormones pass through the bloodstream, attaching themselves to specific receptors on the membrane of the fat cell in the hypodermis—the deepest layer of the skin. Once the stress hormone is attached to the receptor, it activates the hormone-sensitive lipase. Lipase breaks down triglycerides into free fatty acids. The free fatty acids then exit the fat cell through the bloodstream, reducing the volume of the fat cell. Your end result is a smoother, more contoured shape.

Lisa will consult with you prior to any VENUS FREEZE/ LEGACY™ treatment. It can be used on all skin types because it does not use lights or lasers. Therefore, it is safe for almost everyone! Who doesn’t want a little lift, or a little tightening of the belt?

Treat the face, neck, and entire body—anywhere you want to tighten skin and lose inches!

Typically, we estimate 30 minutes for facial treatments and 40 minutes for treatments of one area of your body. Because VENUS FREEZE/ LEGACY™ is non-invasive, painless, and very quick, you can come in for a treatment on your lunch break and then return to work. You might even take a nap during treatment!

To achieve optimal results, we recommend a series of six treatments for the face and six to eight for the neck and body. However, most patients see results in as few as three treatments. Please see our Before and After photos for actual  VENUS FREEZE/ LEGACY™ client results.

You often see results after your first treatment. Long term results can be achieved in as few as six to eight treatments. It is not uncommon for clients to continue seeing an improvement in their skin for up to three months after completing a series of VENUS FREEZE™ treatments. To maintain the effects of the treatment, you will require maintenance treatments to ensure that you keep the aging process at bay. At a minimum, we recommend one treatment every season, or four treatments per year.

However, some patients have treatments as often as once monthly because they enjoy the treatment and its results. Your technician will discuss with you what is the best treatment plan for your skin.

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