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Environ Skin Care Products were developed by world renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Des Fernandes. He specializes in skin regrowth and recovery even from his very beginnings. After his own experiences with melanomas he began focusing on the study of skin cancers and how they function. Through focus and trials he became the first doctor to create a skin product based on Vitamin A and Antioxidants specifically created for protection from the suns harmful rays. 

Now he has created a company that provides many skin care products that provide protection and healing from our environment. Our clinic uses these products because of their excellent purity and time tested results that can be seen by those that use it. 

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Environ Is a completely results driven. All new products are developed as a result of Dr. Fernandes ongoing scientific research. 

Vitamin A, their cornerstone ingredient, along with vitamins C, E, antioxidants, peptides, hydroxy acids, growth factors and HA, are incorporated into their proprietary STEP-UP SYSTEM, created to help patients be more comfortable with increasing levels of ingredients to assist in restoring, protecting and maintaining the appearance of a healthy-, youthful-looking and beautiful skin

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Frequently Asked Questions

When your skin lacks Vitamin A, it will be uneven, rough and sallow. Due to loss of collagen and elastin, your skin may suffer from pre-mature ageing.

This system starts on low levels of Vitamin A (I am currently using the Debut which is level 1) The moisturisers go up to Ultra, with the levels of Vitamin A increasing with every step.

After going your first tube of the debut moisturizer, you can then do two tubes of the next levels each before moving on.

It helps to normalize skin functions and protects the DNA of cells and prevents sun induced aging while also hydrating the skin.

To make significant changes in the skin, higher levels of active ingredients are needed than those found in over the counter products. Available only from salons, Environ products provide essential nutrients in sufficient doses to be truly effective.
The AVST and Ionzyme ranges are based on a unique step up program which allows the skin to gradually acclimatize to progressively higher levels of vitamin A, resulting in a plumper, younger looking complexion.

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